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Tropical Beach

A Healing Culture


About Me

My name is Deanna Baza and I come from the island of Guam. Born into a military family that travelled around the world I was raised partially in Guam with the added richness of experiencing other cultures. 

Married later on to my soulmate and a mother of 6 children was all part of my journey tog et me here.

In this path of soul growth,I have come to know that I inherited gifts from my ancestors, to bring healing in  myself and others.

Being a child that experienced many traumas and life lessons, has taught me to seek healing within me and others.

This has lead me to become a Reiki Energy Worker, find the art of Hawaiian healing teachings, helping me do what I love in a life fulfilling and rewarding way.

Having also the gift of a strong intuition, I use my psychic mediumship abilities in all of its forms to aid me on this path, helping me achieve my purpose, and sharing these gifts with humanity is my mission to make the world a better place.

"Beautifull things can come from dark waters"


My Services

lester-casio-rN1mvk8-saE-unsplash__ Sleeping Dinosaur Island, Mati, Davao City, Philippine

One on One Reiki Session

Full body Reiki attunements

 45 min sessions


Hawaiian Healing Session

Full body Hawaiian Healing session.


Long Distance Reiki Session

Full body Reiki attunements

45 min sessions



Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot
Crystal Ball

Card Reading

Get enlightening guidance from your guides, through the cards and gain clarity in the situations.

1hr sessions


Mediumship Reading

Connect with your passed loved ones.

1hr Channeling session



Akashic Record Readings

Soul reading session, where you connect with your guides, past lives, loved ones, and lives purpose. 

1hr channeling session




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PHOTO-2022-02-23-21-21-01 17
PHOTO-2022-02-23-21-21-01 16
PHOTO-2022-02-23-21-21-01 10
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Get in Touch

Whiitesboro, Tx or Dallas/FtWt metroplex and satelite cities

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